Minimal scene requirements for HighRoad Engine.

Minimal Scene requirements

TinyCars and Aphex demos come with 3 dedicated scenes :

  • Local Lobby : handles player joining, vehicle and scene selection for a solo or local multiplayer game.

  • Online Lobby : handles matchmaking or direct connection network games. This uses PUN2 to manage network. This scene allows the creation of a matchmaking or direct connect game, player joining, as well as vehicle and scene selection. Note that if you’re not using the network part, you can safely remove this scene (or not include it in your build).

  • Racing track scene : the scene where the game happens (1 scene per track), whether it’s network based or local.

The Solid demo comes with 3 scenes (in Demos/Solid folder) :

Objects of interest

Local Lobby

  • Local Lobby Manager : This persistent class is created by the Lobby scene. It contains the list of players as well as their properties (chosen vehicle for example). This class is referenced from the other game classes during the race.

Racing scene

  • RaceManager : This class handles the race itself. It syncs the available cameras, tracks player progress and manages endgame and score computing. If you want to create a racegame based on something else than a race on a waypoint equipped track and a finish line, that’s the class you’ll want to extend.
  • SoundManager : sound management interface, handles music and sound effects.
  • InputManager : handles the different players’ input. Allows for multiplayer games whether it’s via keyboard, mobile touch or gamepad.
  • Cameras : contains the different available cameras as well as the UICamera responsible for displaying UI and controls.
  • Checkpoints : contains a list of “doors” that a player needs to go through to validate a lap. These objects are referenced from the RaceManager.
  • AIWaypoints : This object contains the list of coordinates that make the waypoints the AI vehicles will follow.
  • NetworkRaceManager : disabled in local mode, this class automatically adds mechanisms in online mode to manage a race via the network.

Playground and Demonstrator

The Playground scene contains the minimal requirements to test the Highroad Engine.

  • DemonstratorManager : This component activates the vehicles and cameras available in the scene without using the RaceManager. If more cameras or vehicles are present in the scene, a Change Camera / Vehicle button will allow you to switch the current one.

  • MinimalDemonstrator : This prefab contains the 4 mandatory managers for a scene. You can see learn more about it on the Track pieces page.