PUN Setup

How to setup PUN in your HighRoad Engine project?

Setting up the PUN integration is fairly straightforward, here are steps to do so :

  • fresh install of Highroad Engine v1.3 on 2019.4.40f1
  • via the package manager, import PUN 2 (2.41)
  • when prompted, paste your AppID or email, then press the Setup Project button
  • open the StartScreen demo scene, press the TinyCars > Pun Online Game button, then Matchmaker, then Create Game
  • at this point you can either press play, or join the game with other clients (to do that “locally”, building PC builds and launching them on the same machine is usually the way to go

Should you have questions about this integration, don’t hesitate to check PUN’s documentation, or contact them directly, this integration was made by the nice folks at PUN.